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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
Featured Programs
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Biology 247: Subtropical and Marine Biology
Roatan, Honduras

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS:  Kirk Larsen (Biology); Dawn Reding (Biology)   Course Description: An introduction to the ecology and taxonomy of coral reef, tide pool, tidal creek, high and low energy beaches, hypersaline lake, mangrove, [...]
Biology 249: Winter Biology or Environmental Studies 249: The Winter Environment
Grand Marais, Minnesota, United States

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS:  Beth Lynch (Biology); Laura Peterson (Environmental Studies) Course Description:    Traveling to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW), we will explore the natural history and ecology of the bor eal[...]
Classics 299: Building Britain: From Rome to Camelot
Bath, United Kingdom; Carlisle, United Kingdom; London, United Kingdom; Tintagel, United Kingdom

Terms: J-Term
Description: COURSE CANCELLED INSTRUCTORS: Dan Davis (Classics); Mark Thorne (Classics) Course Description:    This course will explore the Roman invasion, occupation, and abandonment of Britain in the first through fifth century CE ,[...]
Communication Studies 239: Environmental Communication in Belize
Ambergris Caye, Belize; Belmopan, Belize; Cayo District, Belize

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS:  Thomas C. Johnson (Communication Studies); Jeff Boeke (Health & Physical Education)   Course Description: This course examines environmental communication and the public sphere in Belize with particular focus o n[...]
Education 185/215: Clinical Experience 1 in the Schools
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States; Gallup (New Mexico), United States; Rehoboth, United States

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTOR:  Deborah Norland (Education)     Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE [...]
English 263: In Frankenstein's Footsteps: The Keats-Shelley Circle in London, Geneva, and Italy
Florence, Italy; Geneva, Switzerland; London, United Kingdom; Rome, Italy; Venice, Italy

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTOR:  Amy Weldon (English)   Course Description:    Mary Shelley composed her famous novel Frankenstein (1818) amid a whirlwind of personal turmoil, important friendships, and significant travel. [...]
Environmental Studies 240: Environmental Issues in the Pacific Northwest
Chelan, United States; Holden Village, United States; Wenatchee, United States

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTOR:  Rachel Brummel (Environmental Studies)   Course Description:    This course examines environmental issues in the Pacific Northwest and the policies that are used or proposed to address them. Case studi es[...]
History 239: Indian Environmental History
Agra, India; Fatehpur Sikri, India; Ranthambore National Park, India; Sonepat, India; Udaipur, India; Zawar, India

Terms: J-Term
Description: COURSE CANCELLED INSTRUCTOR:  Brian Caton (History) Course Description:    This course introduces students to the field of Indian environmental history through a set of readings, site visits, and practical work. The [...]
International Studies 239: Roatan: Ethical Engagement in a Changing World
Roatan, Honduras; Utila, Honduras

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS: Jon Jensen (Environmental Studies); Scott Carlson (Biology)   Course Description:    This course uses the island of Roatan as a case study to examine how individuals can engage ethically with social and [...]
Luther Malta and the Mediterranean
Sliema, Malta

Terms: Spring
Description: Faculty Director:  TBD   Program Description:    Luther’s Malta and the Mediterranean  Program, currently in its 28th year, offers students the opportunity to spend a semester exploring Malta's [...]
Luther Münster Semester
Berlin, Germany; Hamburg, Germany; Munich, Germany; Münster, Germany

Terms: Spring
Description: FACULTY DIRECTOR:  Sören Steding   Program Description:    For over two decades, Luther students and faculty have been traveling to Münster, Germany. During the Münster Semester, students live with G erman[...]
Luther Nottingham Academic Year
Nottingham, United Kingdom

Terms: Academic Year
Description: DIRECTORS: Robert and Victoria Christman Program Description:   Luther's Nottingham Program, which will be in its 49th year in 2020-2021, offers the rich opportunity to spend an academic year in England and study at the Univ ersity[...]
Luther Rochester Semester
Rochester, United States

Terms: Fall, Spring
Description: Program Description:    The Luther College Rochester Semester is a new program intended to take advantage of the exciting opportunities available a mere sixty-five miles to the north of Decorah.  It will provide a p latform[...]
Lutheran Colleges China Consortium in Hangzhou
Hangzhou, China

Terms: Fall
Description: DIRECTOR:  TBA         Program Description:    The Hangzhou Study Program is designed to provide students with a unique opportunity to study the Chinese language and culture in the Hangzhou [...]
Music 239: The Reformation and the Music of J.S. Bach
Berlin, Germany; Eisenach, Germany; Erfurt, Germany; Heidelberg, Germany; Leipzig, Germany; Munich, Germany; Stuttgart, Germany; Wittenberg, Germany

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS:    Jennaya Robison (Music) & James Griesheimer (Music, emeritus)      Course Description:    This course will discuss the influence of the Reformation on the music of [...]
Paideia 450: English Theatre: Mirror of Society and of the Human Condition
Edinburgh, United Kingdom; London, United Kingdom; Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom; York, United Kingdom

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS: Nancy Barry (English); Robert Vrtis (Visual & Performing Arts)   Course Description: This course is a study of English theater—among the richest in the world in its variety and depth—and the [...]
Paideia 450: Ethical Challenges in Twenty-First Century Norway
Bergen, Norway; Flam, Norway; Lillehammer, Norway; Oppdal, Norway; Oslo, Norway

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS:  Jim Martin-Schramm (Religion); Maren Johnson (Nordic Studies)   Course Description:    This course explores how differences in cultural norms and moral values influence key ethical debates about c ontemporary[...]
Paideia 450: Islam in Europe: Politics, Religion, and Refugees
Berlin, Germany; London, United Kingdom; Paris, France

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS:  Todd Green (Religion); Robert Christman (History) Course Description:    This study abroad course will explore the historical and contemporary debates pertaining to the place of Muslims in the Europe an[...]
Paideia 450: People and Parks: Pastoralism and Conservation in East Africa
Arusha, Tanzania; Eluwai boma, Tanzania; Engare Sero, Tanzania; Karatu, Tanzania; Mbarangati, Tanzania; Monduli, Tanzania; Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania; Nguruma Village, Tanzania; Soit Sambu, Tanzania

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS: Molly McNicoll (Biology); David Faldet (English)   Course Description:  This course will examine the tensions between the national parks movement and pastoralist societies through the lens of the Maasai people [...]
Paideia 450: Practicing Embodiment
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica; Punta Mona Educational Retreat Center, Costa Rica; San Jose, Costa Rica

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS: Jane Hawley (Visual & Performing Arts); Guy Nave (Religion)   Course Description:    This course is an interdisciplinary exercise between spirituality, sustainability, and the body. While the re[...]
Spanish 340: Language and Culture in the Spanish-Speaking World (Mexico)
Oaxaca, Mexico

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTOR:  David Thompson (Modern Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics) Course Description:    This January-term study abroad course will introduce students to the culture of a Spanish-speaking country (Mexico )[...]
Spanish 340: Language and Culture in the Spanish-Speaking World (Spain)
Cordoba, Spain; Granada, Spain; Madrid, Spain; Sevilla, Spain; Toledo, Spain

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTOR: Alfredo Alonso Estenoz (Modern Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics)     Course Description:  This January-term study abroad course will introduce students to the culture of Spain first-hand and will [...]