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Programs : Featured
This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
Featured Program Description
Biology 247: Subtropical and Marine Biology
San Salvador Island, Bahamas

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTOR:  Kirk Larsen (Biology)    Course Description: An introduction to the ecology and taxonomy of coral reef, tide pool, tidal creek, high and low energy beaches, hypersaline lake, mangrove, and upland organis ms[...]
Communication Studies 239/Physical Education 239: How Soccer Explains Europe: Coaching Methods and Critical Approaches
Amsterdam, Netherlands; Brussels, Belgium; Frankfurt, Germany; London, United Kingdom; Manchester, United Kingdom; Munich, Germany

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS:   Thomas C. Johnson (Communication Studies); Russ Schouweiler (Health & Physical Education) Course Description:    This course will examine all facets of coaching, specifically the coaching of socce r,[...]
Computer Science 385/Management 385: Understanding Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley
Menlo Park, United States; San Francisco, United States; Seattle, United States

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTOR:  Brad Miller (Computer Science)   Course Description: Internet technology has fundamentally changed marketing, communications, and the operations of every business in our society. Silicon Valley is home to the peop le,[...]
Earth & Environment in Italy
Coldigioco, Italy; Hvar, Croatia

Terms: Fall
Description: Faculty Director:  Cameron Davidson (Carleton College) Program Description:    Earth & Environment in Italy is a field-based fall semester study abroad program for students interested in Earth system processes and [...]
English 263: In Frankenstein's Footsteps: The Keats-Shelley Circle in London, Geneva, and Italy
Florence, Italy; Geneva, Switzerland; London, United Kingdom; Rome, Italy; Venice, Italy

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTOR:  Amy Weldon (English)   Course Description:    Mary Shelley composed her famous novel Frankenstein (1818) amid a whirlwind of personal turmoil, important friendships, and significant travel. [...]
Environmental Studies 239: A System Approach to Sustainability in Swaziland
Durban, South Africa; Johannesburg, South Africa; Kruger National Park, South Africa; St. Lucia, South Africa; Vusumnotfo, Swaziland

Terms: J-Term
Description: COURSE CANCELLED INSTRUCTOR:  Emily Neal (Environmental Studies)   Course Description:    This course will examine a systems approach to sustainable development in northern Swaziland. By partnering with Vusumn otfo,[...]
Environmental Studies 240: Environmental Issues in the Pacific Northwest
Chelan, United States; Holden Village, United States; Wenatchee, United States

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTOR:  Jon Jensen (Environmental Studies)   Course Description:    This course examines environmental issues in the Pacific Northwest and the policies that are used or proposed to address them. Case studies & ndash;[...]
History 299: History and Memory of the Holocaust
Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland; Berlin, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark; Krakow, Poland; Nuremberg, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; Wannsee, Germany; Warsaw, Poland; Washington DC, United States

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS:   Anna Peterson (History); Lea Lovelace (Visual & Performing Arts) Course Description:    This course will immerse students in the history of the Holocaust and the ways in which its remembrance reflec ts[...]
Luther Nottingham Academic Year
Nottingham, United Kingdom

Terms: Academic Year
Description: DIRECTOR: Marion Kaehler Program Description:   Luther's Nottingham Program, which will be in its 47th year in 2018-2019, offers the rich opportunity to spend an academic year in England and study at the University of Nottin gham.[...]
Lutheran Colleges China Consortium in Hangzhou
Hangzhou, China

Terms: Fall
Description: DIRECTOR:  TBA         Program Description:    The Hangzhou Study Program is designed to provide students with a unique opportunity to study the Chinese language and culture in the Hangzhou [...]
Malta and the Mediterranean
Rome, Italy; Sliema, Malta

Terms: Spring
Description: Faculty Director:  Brooke Joyce   Program Description:    Luther’s Malta and the Mediterranean  Program, currently in its 26th year, offers students the opportunity to spend a semester exploring Ma lta's[...]
Music 245: Choral Singing in Namibia and South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa; Ondangwa, Namibia; Ongenga, Namibia; Tsumeb, Namibia; Windhoek, Namibia

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS: Gregory Peterson (Music); Jennaya Robison (Music)     Course Description: Choral Singing in Namibia and South Africa is a travel course that promotes intercultural exchange through music. Music from the wester n[...]
Münster Semester
Berlin, Germany; Hamburg, Germany; Munich, Germany; Münster, Germany

Terms: Spring
Description: FACULTY DIRECTOR:  Sören Steding   Program Description:    For over two decades, Luther students and faculty have been traveling to Münster, Germany. During the Münster Semester, students live with G erman[...]
Paideia 450: English Theatre: Mirror of Society and the Human Condition
Edinburgh, United Kingdom; London, United Kingdom; Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom; York, United Kingdom

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS: Nancy Barry (English); Robert Vrtis (Visual & Performing Arts)   Course Description: This course is a study of English theater—among the richest in the world in its variety and depth—and the [...]
Paideia 450: Exploring the Ethics of Sustainable Organizations
Bergen, Norway; Flam, Norway; Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS:   Maren Johnson (Modern Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics); Alexandra White (Economics & Business) Course Description:    This course explores the questions of cultural norms and values and th eir[...]
Paideia 450: Forging Paths to Peace: Personal, Political, and Social Reconciliation in Northern Ireland
Ballycastle, United Kingdom; Belfast, United Kingdom; Derry, United Kingdom; Dublin, Ireland; Galway, Ireland

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS:  Britt Rhodes (Social Work); Sean Burke (Religion)   Course Description:    How can communities with a recent history of violence live together peacefully? This course will examine the difficult yet [...]
Paideia 450: Islam in Europe: Politics, Religion and Refugees
Aarhus, Denmark; Athens, Greece; Copenhagen, Denmark; London, United Kingdom; Paris, France

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS:  Todd Green (Religion); Carly Foster (Political Science) Course Description:   This study abroad course will explore the challenges facing contemporary Europe in regards to Muslim minority and immigrant popu lations.[...]
Paideia 450: Working Japan: Religion and Corporate Culture in Japan
Eiheiji, Japan; Fukui, Japan; Hiroshima, Japan; Kanazawa, Japan; Kyoto, Japan; Nagoya, Japan; Narita, Japan; Sendai, Japan; Tokyo, Japan

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS:  Tony Mutsune (Econonmics & Business); Gereon Kopf (Religion) Course Description:    This course will study religious and business cultures in Japan as well as their intersections. In particular, the c ourse[...]
Science 140: Belize: Environmental Implications of Eco-Adventure Growth in Central America
Ambergris Caye, Belize; Belize City, Belize; Belmopan, Belize

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTORS: Mark Eichinger (Biology); Jeff Boeke (Health & Physical Education)   Course Description:    This course will be based on Ambergris Caye, a small island off the coast of Belize. Students will spen d[...]
Spanish 340: Language and Culture in Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina; Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTOR:  Alfredo Alonso Estenoz (Modern Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics)   Course Description:    This January-term study abroad course introduces students to the culture of Argentina first-hand. [...]
Spanish 340: Language and Culture in the Spanish-Speaking World (Spain)
Cordoba, Spain; Granada, Spain; Madrid, Spain; Sevilla, Spain; Toledo, Spain

Terms: J-Term
Description: INSTRUCTOR:  David Thompson (Modern Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics)     Course Description:  This January-term study abroad course will introduce students to the culture of Spain first-hand and will pay [...]